Sunday, September 5, 2010

Integrating BlazeDS to Grails

Sebastien has written a very good Grails plugin for using BlazeDS in Grails project:-

Grails BlazeDS 4 Integration Plugin

Grails/BlazeDS/Flex/iPhone Full Stack Part1/3

Grails/BlazeDS/Flex/iPhone Full Stack Part 2/3

If you are like me, who try to integrate BlazeDS by hand (by downloading BlazeDS separately and putting in jars and configuration files into existing Grails project), you must use 'run-war' instead of 'run-app' to run your project or you might get 'Type xxxxx not found' error when invoking a BlazeDS service. I solved this after reading notes in Sebastien's blog:-

Run your Grails application using “grails run-war” instead of “grails run-app”. Once again this is a known limitation: Flash Builder BlazeDS data connection plugin relies on a classical web app layout and doesn’t understand Grails dynamic layout (that is until someone manages to create a Grails data connection wizard for Flash Builder 4)